List Ltd. activities:
             accounting consulting,
             financial analysis and assessments.

   List Ltd. consists of three authorised auditors and assistans.
From the very beginning of our work the company has audited more than hundred large and small companies in different areas such as industry, architecture, seamanship, transport and trade. Most of our audits were agreed and performed over longer period, often few years, rather than on a one-time basis.
   Our companies work is based on thorough approach which leads to
long term partnership. Clients that pick List Ltd. get a complete professional support that starts before the end of business year and lasts untill financial reports are written and published, all in order to base clients reports on best possible grounds. Former approach is recognised among reputable companies in Croatia hence our reference list expands yearly.
   Auditing metodology created in our company is based on auditing
business cycles and related business events. Former approach, unlike linear which is focused on separated report positions, provides auditing process synthesis and conclusion completing using financial report key parameters. among auditing procedures we have established algorithms for auditing risk estimate objectivity and estimating importance. These alghorithms are part of standard procedures in auditing, all in order to form objective and well-founded auditing conclusions.
   Appart from financial report auditing, List Ltd. performs business
audits, special purpose audits, clause implementation audits etc. Beside former we have audited great number of floatations, subscribed capital incrementations, by commercial court dictate in Split and other courts, under the regulations of companies act. In bankrupcy proceedings led under commercial court in Split on liquidators demand we also conduct claim and profit analysis. Another List Ltd. specialty is accounting consulting which consists of industrial production accounting and financial report intergroup consolidation methods.